Fairhaven PIzza has been taken over by the team behind ANMLY CAFE, a modern cafe serving a simple yet refined morning and midday menu in downtown bellingham. Our goal is to bring some of the focus on sustainability, nutrition, and fresh offerings from ANMLY to the Fairhaven pizza menu and atmosphere within the restaurant.

There will be some changes, and we encourage feedback from our guests so we can better serve you!

for now, we are Open limited hours:

Wednesday-sunday (12:00Pm-8:30pm)

closed mon, tues, wed - extended hours coming soon.

COME say hey!

Who we are

pizza has and will always be a very traditional food. We do not attempt to steer too far away from the basics, yet we do hope to bring a sense of creativity and fun to our offerings without being overly pretentious. we hope to be an inspiration on the forefront of living a motivated, well-balanced, sustainable lifestyle, AND ABOVE ALL, HAVE FUN!