Fairhaven PIzza has a long history going back 17 years now. The Pizzeria has changed ownership multiple times over the years and evolved into what it is today. The current organization owns and operates ANMLY CAFE downtown and will be opening a restaurant/bar in early spring 2022. Our goal with this expansion is to collectively work towards bringing the focus on sustainability, nutrition, and fresh offerings from to all of our locations.

we are constantly making changes and looking to improve our guest and staf experience - we encourage feedback so that we can better serve you!

for now, we are Open: (3Pm-8:30pm)

*closed Tues

Happy Hour beer and wine (3pm-5pm)

COME say hey!

Who we are

pizza has and will always be a very traditional food. we aim to hold on to the core principle of hand tossed pizza, and bring in our own sense of creativity and innovation. While Pizza is a staple on our menu, and our primary offering, we hope to bring a playful and inviting experience beyond just the food we serve. Our hopes are to live up to our social responsibility and be ambitious in our commitment to bettering those around us. we aim to be an inspiration on the forefront of living a motivated, well-balanced, sustainable lifestyle, AND ABOVE ALL, HAVE FUN!